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10 Ways to Love Valentine’s Day After a Divorce


10 Ways to Love Valentine’s Day After a Divorce

As soon as January comes to a close, cue in the lovey-dovey commercials that fill our television screens, the holiday decor sections at Target stocked with heart-shaped candies, and social media posts of happy couples. During your dating and married days, maybe your Valentine’s Day was filled with red roses, chocolate truffles, and lengthy, handwritten cards. Now, even though it may not be the easiest to believe in love, there are plenty of ways to make the holiday enjoyable!

Instead of being upset that your Valentine’s Day is different, try reframing how it looks to celebrate your new life! These are a few ideas that might be helpful moving forward.

  • Call Someone You Love: It doesn’t have to be a man or woman that you have been in a partnership with, but instead call a best friend or close family member. There’s nothing better than laughing and chatting with someone you love.
  • Buy Yourself Flowers: Show yourself some love by going to a local flower shop or supermarket and picking out flowers you love. Maybe even take it a step further and create your own artistic arrangement with blooms to brighten your day.
  • Take Your Kids Out: Moping around in front of your kids could have an affect on how they perceive relationships. Show them what it’s like to be loved and you will feel it in return! Get outside at the park, book tickets to a show/movie, or take them for dinner at their favorite restaurant.
  • Write Yourself a Love Letter: Don’t skip over this one because you think it sounds cheesy. Writing this letter can be wildly helpful! Write an honest letter to yourself about your strengths, your accomplishments, and all you have to be grateful for.
  • Watch a Movie: Rom-coms could lead to empty tissue boxes unless you need some hope! You may want to steer clear and watch a documentary, musical, action film, sci-fi, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Pop some popcorn and make it fun!
  • Hit the Spa: Book a treatment this day intentionally to help you decompress. Maybe you need a pedicure, would enjoy a massage or love facials. Splurge on something for yourself.
  • Volunteer: Making a difference can make a difference for you as well. Go cuddle with puppies and help clean kennels at your local animal shelter, spread love by writing cards to people in nursing homes, or do random acts of kindness in your neighborhood.
  • Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries: They are so easy to make, and more delicious than any boxed chocolate! Snag some fresh strawberries (banana is good too!) and bakers chocolate. Melt, dip, refrigerate, and enjoy.
  • Take a Class: Just because you’re solo doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new. Go out on Valentine’s Day and take a class. It could be art, fitness, music, or anything else! Chances are, there will be other single people looking for community, too.
  • Unplug: Avoid the trap of sappy posts and perfume ads by unplugging from technology for the day. Use the free time to start a new book or series, create a vision board, make a new recipe, or take a bubble bath!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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