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7 Common Divorce Mistakes You Can Avoid


Qyaugi 7M 4Ah7 Common Divorce Mistakes You Can Avoid

As attorneys and paralegals with 80 years of collective experience, we’ve seen our fair sure of trends when it comes to divorce. We’ve seen the way divorce is approached, how spouses react, and common mistakes made prior to working with Sessums Law Group repeat themselves time and time again. We decided it was time to share these common mistakes so that you can avoid them as you navigate this often emotional time.

1 – Hiding Marital Assets

Hiding, taking, or moving marital assets is a large mistake. People feel as if they have been taken advantage of by the other party involved or that they deserve the money/asset themselves, but whatever is a marital asset must not be moved with a divorce in place. This could cause you to lose major ground and credibility with the judge or worse, could potentially result in criminal charges. The courts will determine the division of these assets.

2 – Having A Revenge Mindset

Florida is a no-fault state for divorce. So, despite the feelings being completely valid, coming into a divorce with a revenge mindset is not practical or helpful. By utilizing the professional advice of a lawyer, you will be able to strategize a plan for divorce in a reasonable way, rather than one based on your emotions.

*Should your former spouse be violent or harass you in any way, you should request an order of protection from the court. This can remove the person from your home and prohibit contact with you in person and over the phone, etc.

3 – Taking Legal Advice from Friends

When a life change happens, voices can crowd the room. Everyone in your life has their own opinion on the situation. Regardless of if they’ve gone through their own divorce or not, remember that they are not attorneys. Do not take legal advice from anyone besides the lawyer working on your case in particular. Divorces are complex and have countless variables. Submitting to the guidance of someone who is not a professional could prove to be a costly mistake.

4 – Refusing to Negotiate

No one wants to drag out their case intentionally. The best way, in your control, to be cost and time-efficient is to negotiate. If one party refuses to be cooperative, coming to a conclusion without going to court may be impossible, but if open to working together, the likelihood of settling in mediation is higher. In both scenarios, negotiation may be a necessity to come to a conclusion.

5 – Underestimating Your Post-Divorce Expenses 

Plan for your future! A divorce attorney can help you come up with a financial plan, including your children when necessary. If you are responsible for a child or children, it is essential to have a plan in place to ensure you’re capable of their needs. Knowing ahead of time what your expenses will be leads to less stress in the future.

6 – Not Using Representation

When you decide you are seeking a divorce, it’s most important to remember one thing: it’s YOUR divorce. Give yourself your best chance by choosing a qualified, professional divorce attorney to represent you. Participating in the process, sharing all honest information you know, and making smart lifestyle decisions during your divorce have proven beneficial.

7 – Using Your Children

Divorce is often difficult for everyone involved. Children experience their own emotions as they learn a new normal and try their best to adapt. Do not turn your kids against your ex or use them to say or do things to benefit you. This is not their burden to bear. Instead, comfort and support them as they adjust.

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