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Skilled Tampa and Sarasota Attorneys Advise on Business and Commercial Matters

Respected Florida firm provides knowledgeable counsel to small and large companies

With more than 30 years of combined legal experience, the Tampa and Sarasota lawyers of Sessums Law Group, P.A. deliver effective representation to various types of Florida businesses. We understand the specific concerns of Gulf Coast enterprises and assist with all types of disputes including shareholder conflicts, real estate issues and transactional disagreements. In every case, we are proactive advocates who develop comprehensive strategies to address complex issues and achieve favorable results.

Experienced lawyers assist banks, athletes and other Florida clients

Our Tampa and Sarasota attorneys assist commercial clients throughout Florida with numerous legal challenges, including:

  • General counsel for banks and investors — We have a detailed understanding of the regulations that govern banks and other investors. Our attorneys help financial institutions, other companies and individuals avert serious problems.
  • Representation for pro athletes — Our firm advises professional athletes on contract negotiations, endorsements and other business aspects of their careers. We recognize the specific needs of these clients and the importance of maximizing earnings in a volatile profession.
  • Lender liability claims — Disagreements over a loan can trigger thorny legal problems. If you are involved in a lender dispute, we will enforce your rights under the agreement.
  • Arbitration and mediation — In many cases, alternative dispute resolution serves the interests of all parties to a conflict. With the same kind of preparation that we use at trial, our firm represents companies in mediation and arbitration matters.
  • Contract disputes — If a problem arises with the enforcement of a contract term, we can quickly analyze each party’s obligations and take action to hold contract partners to their promises.

No matter what type of business you are in, we deliver counsel that is tailored to your specific situation to achieve your goals.

Proven advocates help clients resolve conflicts through alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

It just doesn’t make good business sense to go to trial over a contract dispute. There are many other dispute resolution techniques that are quicker and more cost-effective. Often, we can achieve our clients’ goals through traditional negotiations. We provide remedies such as reformation, which rewrites the contract to more accurately reflect each party’s duties, so that their working relationship can continue on more secure ground.

When negotiations are not fruitful, we may achieve results through mediation, where a neutral third party guides the parties to a mutually acceptable compromise. Many contracts also contain clauses for arbitration, which is essentially a trial out of court before a neutral arbitrator. In binding arbitration, parties pledge to accept the arbitrator’s decision. But in nonbinding arbitration, they can reject such a decision and take their case to court. We represent our clients vigorously in arbitration hearings to deliver the best possible results.

Accomplished advisers handle leases and other business real estate concerns

Real estate problems can doom even the most successful business. We help companies conduct property transactions and resolve conflicts that occur before, during and after a sale. Our firm also represents parties in disputes over lease terms pertaining to business and investment rental properties. For any commercial real estate issue, we have the legal knowledge and local background to provide valuable support.

Contact a knowledgeable Tampa and Sarasota area business attorney

Sessums Law Group, P.A. represents small and large Florida businesses in a wide variety of legal matters. Please call 813-435-5058 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Tampa office. We also have locations in Lakeland, Sebring and Sarasota.


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