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Sessums Law Group, P.A. attorneys are trained in Collaborative Family Law which is a relatively new method of legal practice to solve marital and family law problems without going to court.  The concept is an alternative to traditional litigation which allows families an opportunity to discuss and solve their problems with the help of a team of attorneys and neutral professionals such as a mental health counselor and a financial expert.  It is a team approach that takes place in a confidential and private environment.  The goals and interests of the individuals are expressed, explored and the starting point of focused dialogue between all parties to arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution.  Creating a long-lasting plan for your family is imperative to a healthy life both emotionally and financially post divorce.

The Collaborative Family Law practice has many advantages to you and your family during these stressful times:

  • Avoid a Court Room – When the parties involved are able to address their disputes in the collaborative process, there is no need to go through the traditional court system.
  • Cooperation and Negotiation – Collaborative Law involves both sides working together to achieve the best possible outcome for all that are involved.  Both parties are encouraged to consider the other party’s concerns when deciding how to move forward.
  • Schedule – For the most part matters that go through the court system take a long time and require returning to court multiple times.  Using the Collaborative process, we agree to stay out of court and are usually able to avoid what can often be a very time and money-consuming ordeal.

Collaborative Law Q&A

When you and your spouse are discussing separation, and subsequent divorce, it can be a confusing, emotional time. There is no easy way to go about divorce, but there are methods that can make the entire process go smoother, and cause less emotional distress, than others. One of these methods is referred to as Collaborative Divorce (or Collaborative Law) and is something we are proud to offer here at Sessums Law Group. However, few of our clients truly understand what the term collaborative law means, and therefore have a difficult time making an informed decision regarding their own personal divorce process. Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

What is a Collaborative Divorce? 

Divorce can look very different from one couple to the next, but there are general ways to group them together. For example, those with lots of tension, high emotion, and lack of compromise usually require much more legal intervention than those who are mutually agreeing to separate on civil terms. Difficult divorces such as these often result in the uncertain outcomes of a trial with a court judge. While some couples do indeed collaborate, by way of their individual attorneys settling things for them, so as to avoid the uncertainty of a trial, this is not collaborative law. A true Collaborative Divorce occurs when each party sits down with their respective lawyers, and any other family professionals (such as financial advisors, therapists, etc.) to negotiate the terms of the divorce and give each party the best possible outcome.

Is Collaborative Law right for me? 

When asking yourself whether or not a Collaborative Divorce is your best option, you’ll need to evaluate your current relationship with your (soon-to-be) former spouse. Are you still on civil terms with one another, and able to manage basic tasks and responsibilities, like continuing to parent your children, manage living arrangements, etc.? If the answer is yes, then you would probably do well to at least discuss collaborative law with your own lawyer and learn more about how you can start the process in your own divorce. However, if you and your ex cannot navigate any life decision or circumstance without an argument, and with lack of compromise, you probably need to pursue other avenues for your own divorce process.

Will choosing Collaborative Law make things easier after the divorce? 

This is really a question without a definitive answer, since each couple is unique and your own personal choices will affect life following your divorce. However, generally speaking, a collaborative divorce will be more likely to result in each party walking away from the divorce satisfied with the results, which means there are no lingering feelings of resentment or anger for being “done wrong” by one’s ex. This sense of compromise can carry over to future decisions that will inevitably involve one’s former spouse, such as custody and schedules with growing children, major life events involving common family members (like children) or acquaintances, etc. If you ended your divorce in a civil manner, it could, in theory, make life easier down the road when you have to collaborate on other things following your divorce.

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If you still have questions about Collaborative Law and would like to learn more, Sessums Law Group is here to answer any of your questions and help you navigate the process step by step. The attorneys at Sessums Law Group, P.A. are trained Collaborative Law Professionals who can help lead this positive approach to divorce in a positive and respectful manner.  Contact us today to see if the Collaborative process is right for you. We are proud to serve the greater Tampa Bay area with quality, personalized legal services. Our goal is to make unexpected events more manageable, and when life takes an unplanned turn, our clients trust that we have them covered because WE STAND FOR YOU!


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