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Planning for The Future, Whatever It Brings


my last will

Here on our blog, we often present topics about unexpected occurrences, whether that is a vehicle accident resulting in injury or death, a divorce, a custody battle over your children, or even the loss of a loved one due to negligence of some other kind. Our very slogan makes sure clients know we are here to stand for you when the unexpected comes your way. However, we can only stand for you in the courtroom, and in the time leading up to their trial. Once the case is over, and life has to go on, who will stand for you then?

We feel it is important to stress planning for your future with an estate plan and will. Having a will isn’t just about making sure your favorite antiques get passed down to a favorite relative, or preventing your children from bickering over your finances once you’re gone. An estate plan means you are protecting not only yourself, but also your loved ones, in the event that something unexpected happens.

Think of it this way: if you were divorced from your children’s other parent, and have since remarried, would your children be legally entitled to any of your material belongings, or would everything go to your current spouse? If tragedy struck and you were killed, would your spouse and/or children have the rights to any family inheritance for meeting their needs, or would they lose access to those assets? Everything from your home, to your bank accounts, is affected by having a will. It essentially gives you the control to decide what happens to your assets after you’re gone.

This month is National Make A Will month, and we want to encourage you to do just that. Take the time to map out what you want the future to look like for the ones you care about. If you have questions or concerns about estate planning, or about how to handle finances during or after a divorce or custody issue, we are here to help, because when the unexpected happens, WE STAND FOR YOU!

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