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Beware of the Top 5: Most Dangerous Roads in the Tampa Bay Area


If you live in or around the Tampa Bay area, you are likely familiar with our high number of vehicle accidents each month, and sadly, you might also be aware of how many of these result in serious injuries and/or fatalities. While any road can be dangerous if you, or another motorist, do not follow proper rules of the road when behind the wheel, some stretches of highway or local roads are definitely more prone to accidents than others, and here in Hillsborough County, we have plenty of these accident “hot spots”.

Recently, Langston Taylor with the Tampa Bay Times published an article showcasing 20 of the most dangerous stretches of roadways in our county and in this article Here are the 20 most dangerous stretches of roadway in Hillsborough County specific locations and their annual accident statistics are given. We thought it would be helpful to share the top 5 dangerous roadways with you, our readers, since many of you commute to, or live in, the area where these roads are located. We urge you to use caution when driving on or near…

  1. Brandon Blvd. The stretch from Falkenburg Rd. to Dover Rd. – 25 accidents per mile
  2. Gibsonton Drive, Boyette Rd. Be extra careful coming off of I-75 onto this stretch of roadway!
  3. Hillsborough Ave. All of this road has a fair share of accidents, but the area from Longboat Blvd. to Florida Ave. is especially bad.
  4. Fletcher Ave. Be mindful of the stretch from Armenia Ave. to 50th St. There have been over 100 accidents here.
  5. Dale Mabry Highway. This well-known road is definitely an accident hot spot, but it’s especially risky from Hillsborough Ave. to Bears Ave. Use extra caution when driving in this region.

We hope you can utilize this information in your commute and daily drive while you’re in the Tampa area. If you or someone you love has been in an accident in one of these areas, or in a vehicle accident in another area, Sessums Law Group is here to help you navigate the process of getting the compensation you deserve. We serve the greater Tampa Bay area from our offices located in Sarasota, Tampa, and Lakeland. We are proud to provide top-quality legal services to our clients because when the unexpected happens, WE STAND FOR YOU!

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