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Back to School 2020: Helping Your College Student Prepare During a Pandemic


Back to School 2020: Helping Your College Student Prepare During a Pandemic

Students in and around Tampa Bay are preparing for the upcoming school year in a variety of ways, with many of them looking ahead at another season of online learning from home. Unfortunately, college students are facing the same, and while virtual classes might not be so bad, many of them are saddened to lose out on so many experiences they had looked forward to during their freshman year of university. We are disappointed along with them, and are navigating this new normal alongside them, trying to figure out how life can go on with as much normalcy as possible while protecting ourselves and those around us. 

We have a few ideas to help you walk this journey with your college student and help them make their first semester of college a success, even if it isn’t how they pictured it would be. 

Bring Campus Home!

Sure, your student won’t be living in the dorms right now, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get some of the same experience! Now is the perfect time for a room makeover. Let your college kid pick out items for their room just like they would have for their dorm. While you don’t need to purchase the “boring” items like shower caddies and cleaning supplies, fun new accessories, new bedding, or even a new desk chair are great ways to let them start the year fresh. Purchasing items from the campus bookstore online (if possible) is another great way to give them some of the “experience” of school without actually being there. They can represent their future alma mater by wearing team t-shirts, hats, or bags around town or for their virtual classes.

Make Sure They’re Prepared

Your home closet might not have the supplies a typical college student will need on a regular basis, and you won’t get a neat, concise checklist from a teacher like you did when your student was in elementary school. Think through the various classes your student will be taking and have them help you make a list of items they could need. Shop accordingly, and stock their “dorm” room at home with everything to get them through this semester smoothly. 

Get The Look

Sure, quarantine has made sweatpants a fashion statement, but your college student will want to make a good impression as they sit in on virtual classes and do Zoom meetings with professors or study groups. Fresh haircuts and styles, a few new clothing items, and some updated accessories can go a long way in boosting their confidence and helping them take on the challenges they are facing with this new, unfamiliar world of college from a distance. 

Sessums Law Group is here, cheering on our students and teachers of all grades and ages as they step up to the plate and rally together to make this school year a success, no matter the circumstances. We know life throws unexpected events our way, and when they happen, it helps to have someone on your side. Tampa Bay residents trust Sessums Law Group in the court room…because #We Stand for You!

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