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Uninsured Motorists Can Complicate Your Case

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Auto accidents are never something you want to be involved in. But, if you find yourself facing this situation, you will likely breathe a sigh of relief when you realize the other driver is insured…both their insurance company and yours are going to be easy to work with and move the case and claims through quickly. Unfortunately, there are many accidents that don’t go this way, and a huge factor in the complications of these cases are uninsured motorists.

While Florida law requires certain types of insurance to be held by drivers, you can still end up in a sticky situation when it comes to at-fault motorists and insurance claims in an accident, including:

  • Drivers who are not insured at all. This means your own insurance company will be taking care of the claims for damages caused in the accident, Unfortunately, this isn’t always a smooth process and can still be a struggle, even though you’re a paying client. What’s more, getting the compensation you need in a timely manner can be difficult, and if you’re facing medical expenses due to accident injuries, or are going without your vehicle because of damages, it causes a huge hardship on you and your family.
  • Drivers who are under-insured. While this type of accident means you can, in fact, file claims with the at-fault driver’s provider, you might not get the compensation you need. Again, payment probably won’t come in a timely manner, and you’ll be accruing bills before you get money from the insurance company.

Each of these situations would warrant hiring an attorney to move forward on your behalf. Florida lawyers are familiar with the insurance laws. We know how to work with these companies to get the help you need faster. Instead of spending months being put on hold, calling various departments within the insurance companies, pulling case numbers and dollar amounts and police reports, and going in circles as “just another number” on hold, it’s nice to know that someone is ready to go to bat for you. We get you the assistance you need to move on after your accident. Tampa Bay drivers trust Sessums Law Group when they are facing a case with insurance companies and complicated claims. When the unexpected happens, WE STAND FOR YOU!

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