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Only in Florida: Common Accidents and How to Handle Them


Only in Florida: Common Accidents and How to Handle Them

Florida has many characteristics that set it apart and appeal to the masses. Living up to its nickname, “The Sunshine State,” the year-round warm climate, abundant sunshine, and beautiful landscape bring in plenty of tourists each year. When coming to Florida though, it’s important to be prepared! Florida has its own unique set of challenges on our roadways, and while not necessarily commonplace, these issues can and do arise on occasion, and you don’t want to be caught off guard! 

When driving in Florida you might have to deal with…

A collision with an alligator

This sounds funny, but it’s true! Alligators are by no means sparse in Florida. With so many of them enjoying the local ponds, lakes, and waterways, it’s no wonder that they occasionally cross the road into the path of traffic. Usually, you can avoid them by simply slowing down, letting them pass, and then moving forward when they’re at a safe distance. Sometimes though, they might move faster than expected and if they come out of nowhere and collide with your vehicle, or if you run over one because you didn’t see it in time, it can cause some pretty big problems. Even a small gator could get caught up under your vehicle, and a larger reptile could cause serious damage to your vehicle. If this happens to you, stay in your car, call authorities, and don’t get out until you know the animal is no longer under or around your car. Remember to take pictures for the insurance company when it’s safe to do so! 

A golf cart accident

This isn’t a joke…golf carts are actually a popular mode of transportation for Florida residents, and they are known to cause multiple accidents each year. From pedestrian collisions to personal injury claims, golf carts have been involved in numerous cases, and while a slower and more laidback way to hit the road, they are still capable of being dangerous when operated in the wrong way or by a neglectful driver. 

Serious weather

Sure, most everyone has driven in rain before, but there is no storm like an afternoon Florida thunderstorm during the summer. Monsoon-like rains can quickly blindside you when you’re on the road, making it nearly impossible to see, while making hydroplaning a high likelihood. If you aren’t accustomed to driving in this type of weather, it can be a hazardous situation, and one that often ends in an accident. A note: your car’s emergency flashers are NOT meant for use in heavy rains or stormy weather. Instead, if you find yourself driving in these circumstances, move into the far right lane, slow to a safe speed, and get to a place (an exit, a rest area, etc.) where it’s safe to stop if you no longer feel like you can responsibly operate the car with your current visibility. Once the worst of the rain has passed, you’re good to go! 

Sessums Law Group can handle accidents of all kinds here in the Tampa Bay area. Our experienced and highly qualified legal team represents clients in and around the greater southwest area, and we are proud to have built a reputation on getting the results people want and the compensation they need when the unexpected comes their way. When in Florida, do as the Floridians do, and call Sessums Law Group if you’re in an accident. Remember, WE STAND FOR YOU!

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