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When Weather Isn’t an Excuse: Safely Driving in Tropical Storm Gordon


When Weather Isn't an Excuse: Safely Driving in Tropical Storm Gordon

As tropical storm Gordon bears down on the Gulf Coast, Central Florida is expected to receive a significant amount of rain (and possibly some wind gusts) that could affect end-of-the-workday traffic and the many commuters that call the Tampa Bay area their home. While accidents are a common occurrence during this type of weather, they aren’t necessarily an excuse to get you “off the hook” if you happen to be involved in one. Rain, wind, or even severe storms might make driving more difficult, but they still require responsibility when behind the wheel. So, how can you make sure you’re driving in a way that protects you, and others, when foul weather comes our way?

  • If possible, time your day so you can leave work a little earlier/later than the usual commuter hours. This will lessen the chances of an accident in wet weather since highways will be less crowded. If your boss doesn’t let you off early or you have a meeting that can’t be rescheduled, just remember to slow down on the way home.
  • Check that your tires are rotated regularly to ensure even wearing and are inspected annually and replaced as needed. Good tread on your tires is a huge asset in presenting accidents while driving in the rain. If they’ve recently been rotated, it’s important to check the air in your tires on a regular basis.
  • If wind picks up while you’re on the road, drive on the outside right lane so if you DO get blown off course slightly, you won’t hit another driver, and watch closely for other vehicles nearby. One gust of wind can sweep across the highway, sending cars into your lane, even if you are on the outside edge.
  • Check your wiper blades and replace routinely. Don’t opt for the cheapest wipers as they can eventually lead to streaking. Keeping your windshield clear and having proper visibility is key in avoiding collisions in bad weather.

We urge you to use caution when driving in and around the Tampa Bay area over the next couple of days as Gordon passes over us. While the severity of the storm is much less intense than last year’s hurricanes, any amount of rain can cause problems when behind the wheel. If you do find that the unexpected happens to you, and an accident becomes your story to tell from this current tropical storm, you know whom to call. Sessums Law Group STANDS FOR YOU, and we are proud to be your trusted Tampa law firm.

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