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Looking Back: How to Prevent Rear-End Collisions and Protect Yourself from Reckless Drivers


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Rear-end collisions are, perhaps, one of the most common types of vehicle accidents seen on the roads today, especially on major highways where commuters make their daily trek to and from work. All it takes is a brief second of glancing down at a phone, looking for your sunglasses, or reaching over for a snack and you’ve not only caused damage to your own car, but likely to someone else’s as well. When you discuss rear-end collisions, and how to prevent them, though, the most common advice is “don’t forget that turn signal” or “don’t slam on your brakes” and that’s where experts leave it. However, that really only applies to protecting yourself from rear-end collisions as the driver responsible for the hit. Is there any way though to protect yourself from being rear-ended because of other drivers and their reckless habits? 

Actually, yes, there is. Take note of these few tips for staying safe on the road and making sure you don’t end up being the victim of a rear-end collision at the hands of another driver: 

  • Always have an escape route. When you stop at an intersection, are stopped in preparation for a turn, or are in heavy start-and-stop traffic, you are at risk of being hit from behind if another driver fails to stay alert behind the wheel. Whenever you are in one of these situations, take time to note an “escape route” around you, whether that is a shoulder on the roadway, another lane you can pull into, a grass median, or a side road. Essentially, it’s a safe place you can dart into if you notice a driver coming up quickly behind you that doesn’t seem likely to stop in time.
  • Stay alert! This goes hand-in-hand with the above tip. Once you have an escape route in mind, you need to stay alert. Continually check mirrors to keep an eye on drivers coming up behind you, so you can utilize that escape route in time.
  • Leave space between you and the car in front of you when you stop. Not only does this make sure you don’t rear-end them, but it also leaves a “buffer” in case you do get hit from behind. Instead of getting crushed between both cars, you have some air space between you and the driver in front, meaning you are less likely to rear-end them causing a vehicle pile-up.
  • Remember to keep brake lights changed out and working properly. Your brake lights are your number one defense against being rear-ended. As you come to a stop at any point, do so intentionally and gradually, so vehicles behind you are forced to do the same. That means you’ll have a chain reaction of people braking over time, instead of people piling up as they slam on the brakes (upping the chances of a rear-end accident).

Have you or someone you love been injured because of someone else’s reckless driving and failure to follow the above tips? Sessums Law Group wants to help you get the compensation and support you deserve. Clients throughout the Tampa Bay and Sarasota area trust us to handle their case and get the results they need. Give us a call because WE STAND FOR YOU!

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