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Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks: Be Responsible for Your Own Safety


Life’s pace is picking up again as we slowly reopen following the COVID shutdown. As employees are trickling back into the office now that Phase 3 in Florida has begun, the highways are once again bustling with morning and evening commuters. Guess who else is back on the roads doing business? Commercial trucks and cargo carriers are back to their (mostly) normal schedules, keeping our stores stocked with what we need, and carrying our own exports to other states waiting for their goods. From major 18-wheelers carrying this cargo to local garbage trucks traveling from one neighborhood to another, these big rigs pose some serious threats to the everyday motorist and are often involved in accidents. While drivers who operate vehicles of this size are required to have specialized training and certification and have a different licensing process than a regular driver, the very trucks themselves are often the cause behind big rig accidents.

Commercial trucks have a variety of factors that can lead to collisions, including:

  • Multiple blind spots in all directions
  • Lack of maneuverability
  • Longer braking times and braking distance
  • Highly susceptible to wind gusts and weather conditions

These factors are why large trucks tend to be feared on the roads, and why they are involved in collisions that often turn catastrophic. While there are never any guarantees on the roadway, there are some ways you can protect yourself when driving near these large-scale vehicles. Distance is always your friend when behind the wheel, but this is exponentially true when driving alongside big trucks. As mentioned above, they take much longer, and require more distance, to stop, so it’s important to allow for that space…definitely a timing issue. This space also plays to your advantage in regards to blind spots. Your number one goal when near a big rig is to be seen and make yourself known to the driver. Finally, be very aware of weather when on the road. If the weather is gusty, or if there is heavy rain, know that larger vehicles need an even longer stopping time and also can be shifted by windy conditions. If you haven’t allowed plenty of room between you and them, that wind could send them right into your car.

If you or someone you love has been affected by a collision with a large-scale truck, you could be eligible for compensation. Sessums Law Group specializes in standing up for victims in and around the greater Tampa area who have been involved in these accidents. When the unexpected happens, WE STAND FOR YOU!

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