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Keeping It Together: Self-Care During Your Divorce


Tampa Divorce Lawyer

It’s no secret that regardless of the individual circumstances and details, a divorce is stressful for both parties involved. When dissolving a marriage there is a complicated mix of anxiety, sadness, frustration, and, in some circumstances, anger. When you put that alongside the necessary business side of a divorce that makes sure you have the assets needed to live afterwards, and the endless amount of conversation with family, friends, layers, and otherwise, it can leave you feeling drained and run down at the end of each day. While there is no way to make a divorce easy, there is a way to make it easier. 

Taking care of YOU.

Self-care is a huge factor in divorce, yet it isn’t promoted nearly enough. A divorce is, in its own way, a type of trauma. While other incidents people endure such as an injury, a death in the family or close circle of friends, sudden illness, etc. are automatically met with commands to take time for self-care, a divorce isn’t necessarily treated the same. So, how can you keep yourself pulled together while your marriage is being taken apart?

First, take time. Even if you can only afford 30 minutes a day, find time for something that makes you happy, relaxed, and feeling refreshed. This can be anything, from a workout at home or at the gym, to a cup of coffee and a book in the quiet of your room. If you have kids, get creative with your scheduling. It’s ok to say no to the load of laundry for 30 minutes at night while you enjoy a bowl of popcorn and Netflix, or to let your kids go on a play date with friends while you stay home and enjoy working outdoors in the fresh air. Whatever it is that makes you feel like YOU, do it and don’t apologize.

Additionally, make sure you are eating well and getting enough rest. It goes without saying that these things keep your body healthy at any time in life and are necessary for functioning at your best, but during a divorce, it can be easy to push yourself to the backseat since you’re busy taking care of so many other things. This is especially true of divorcees with young children. While their needs are important, they can’t make it without you, so you are worth taking care of.  A well-fed and well-rested body and mind make everything else in life from day to day seem easier to handle and less overwhelming.

Finally, don’t feel like you have to go through your divorce alone. It can be isolating to go through a divorce, since your spouse was likely your counterpart in many things for a period of time. With that resource gone, it’s easy to retreat inward and feel like you have to process your thoughts and feelings alone. Find a friend, a family member, and/or a therapist that can give you a listening ear, and perhaps offer support and advice throughout the duration of the divorce and in the months following. If friends offer to help, let them! Let your neighbors have your kids over to give you a break, let your parents or other family members help you with things around the house, and accept offers of kindness from those around you. Having a support system is perhaps the biggest and best resource during any traumatic event, divorce included.

Finally, the best way to take care of you is by hiring a divorce lawyer that will stand by you, and for you, from beginning to end. Being able to trust in your legal team and rest in the fact that they have your best interest at heart is a huge stress relief during a divorce, and lets you worry about important things like your mental well-being, loving and caring for your kids, etc. Sessums Law Group is proud to be that support for clients throughout the West Coast Florida region. Our offices in Lakeland, Tampa, and Sarasota welcome you to discuss your case with one of our attorneys, and find out how we can help you come out on the other side of divorce ready for a fresh start. WE STAND FOR YOU, and will make sure you get what you need when the final papers are signed. Call us and make your appointment so you can start taking care of you.

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