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Heading Home: Is Your Student Safe on Their Spring Break Trek?


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Spring Break is here for colleges and universities all over the southeast, so over the next few weeks students will be hitting the highway to come home, or to head off on an adventure with friends and classmates. If your college student will be on the road, it can be nerve-racking as a parent. Even though you can’t be right there with them, preparing them for what might come their way on the road can give you some peace of mind. Remind your student about:

  • Current insurance information. Be sure that your student has their current insurance card printed and in their wallet and/or glove compartment in their car. This will be needed in the event of an accident, or if they are pulled and are asked for proof of insurance.
  • Roadside assistance. Many modern-day auto policies include some type of roadside assistance program, but it’s still worth double-checking. Even if yours says they offer assistance, you need to know exactly what they’re willing to do so you can pass the info onto your student. For young drivers, a policy that includes services such as changing flat tires, sending out a locksmith, repairing a broken windshield, etc. can be very helpful.
  • Towing packing. Does your policy cover emergency towing? This is another important feature for a young driver, especially if they are at a distance. If they break down, the last thing you want is having them depend on random passerby, or having them sit on the side of the road for hours waiting on help from you. Having professional towing services covered by insurance means they get picked up quickly, their car will be taken somewhere reputable, and you can feel good knowing that they are safe.
  • Defensive driving. While your college student might not be making trouble, there are plenty of other kids on spring break who are using it as an excuse to party hard and live it up. That means incidents involving driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol are much more likely, and your student could be at risk of an accident. Remind your child of what to watch for on the road (like cars driving excessively slow/fast, swerving, continually braking, etc.) and how to get them out of a dangerous situation before a collision by driving defensively. It’s also a great time for the conversation about why you should NEVER get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

We hope your student has a safe travel from the dorms to your driveway, or wherever the road may take them over spring break. If they are involved in an accident, don’t let your family suffer without assistance. When the unexpected happens, you know whom to call, because WE STAND FOR YOU!

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