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What You Need to Know When Filing for Divorce


Filing for divorce | Sessums law group in Tampa

Divorce is never an easy process, as it is (usually) emotional, stressful, and time-consuming. However, not having proper counsel, and failing to carry yourself in a correct way, can lead to mistakes that make the ordeal even harder and could end up leaving you with long-term issues affecting both you and your family. So, how can you make sure you are making your divorce proceedings as easy as possible?

First, do your research before hiring a lawyer. Attorneys, who practice family law, have experience handling divorce (and if applicable, custody) cases, and hold certifications specific to marital and family law. It’s also important to make sure you feel confident in your lawyer and develop a relationship of trust and understanding with him or her. If you don’t feel comfortable with them on your own, how can you be assured that they will represent you in the best way possible when it comes to your case? It’s never wise to rush the process of choosing a lawyer, because this type of case impacts the rest of your life.

Additionally, be sure you are handling yourself in an appropriate manner during the process of filing for a divorce and going through the court proceedings. Everything from how you interact with your former spouse both in and out of the courtroom, to how you manage your online presence through social media accounts and public postings (like a blog or a website) can affect your case. While dissolving a marriage is typically high-stress, maintaining your composure and keeping a level head are vital to the outcome of your case.

Finally, have a plan in place. While your chosen lawyer will do most of the details of this for you, coming to the table with a general idea of what you and your former spouse want out of the divorce can help give a launching point. If possible, have a (civil) discussion with your ex, with lawyers present, about what is best for the two of you, and if children are involved, what is best for them. Being able to actually break down the needs and wants of all parties involved leads to a smoother break of the marriage and can make the following period of adjustment easier on everyone involved.

If you are local to the Tampa Bay area, Sessums Law Group is ready to help you navigate the waters of your own divorce. Mark Sessums is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in both Marital and Family Law and Civil Trial Law and is certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (the only such certified lawyer in the State of Florida).  Mark is also Secretary of the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and is a frequent lecturer and author on the topic of family law. No one should go through the struggle of a divorce alone, and rarely do you expect to end your marriage. When the unexpected happens though, remember that WE STAND FOR YOU!

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