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Is a Prenuptial Agreement Really Important?

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Today, divorce is a topic prevalent in our society. Whether it’s a peaceable split or an emotional breakup, there are always financial ramifications when dissolving a marriage. Depending on how well you have planned and managed your finances and wealth, these ramifications can turn into a complicated mess. While having an experienced lawyer can help in these circumstances, preparing for these types of situations before you even walk down the aisle is even better.

Prenuptial agreements, known as “prenups,” are becoming increasingly popular among couples of all ages that are preparing to tie the knot. These agreements essentially dictate how much wealth the couple has, and then how said wealth and property will be divided in the event of a divorce. Anything from financial accounts to pieces of jewelry can be included in these agreements, so many arguments and issues that stem from typical divorces are alleviated with couples who choose to draft a prenuptial agreement with their lawyer(s).

These types of legal documents, much like a will, need to be evaluated and updated every year or two, so as to include all changes in wealth and property. For example, if you net worth was significantly lower when you married your spouse, your prenuptial agreement would not reflect accurate information at the time of separation, and you would face the ordeal of figuring out how much you actually get to keep and how much is entitled to your husband or wife. By updating your prenuptial agreements periodically, you know that your information is current and will be backed in a court of law.

Sessums Law Group handles both prenuptial agreements and divorce cases, and WE WILL STAND FOR YOU regardless of your case. Because we are part of the Florida chapter of the AAML, you know our name is backed by experience, professionalism and success in family law. Give us a call for more information or to discuss your case with one of our attorneys in our Tampa, Sarasota, Lakeland or Sebring office.

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