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Bright Futures: Scholarship Programs Give Everyone a Better Tomorrow

Graduation Cap sitting on a book

Sessums Law Group stands behind our slogan 100%. When we say “We Stand for YOU!” that includes looking out for the needs of our friends and neighbors in and around Polk County. One huge area of need for many communities today, our own included, is that of scholarship programs and educational funding. We all want our children to have the very best education possible, from kindergarten to college, yet many families are unable to afford what is needed to provide this learning environment. While public school funding provides wonderful educational opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school students, once children reach college-level education, their resources are limited. Because higher education is so costly, these kids are often left with a choice: end up in significant debt in order to pay for the education they want, or forgo the college education experience altogether.

Scholarship programs offer these students a third choice. By putting forth the effort during their earlier years of learning, young men and women can apply for scholarships that help pay for their college education. These programs are often funded by sponsors (both businesses and individuals), and these sponsors understand that a brighter future for these children today means a better future for us all. These students who are reaching for a higher education will be our doctors, craftsmen, teachers, engineers, businessmen, and even our lawyers, of tomorrow. Providing funding for scholarships is actually paying for the betterment of one’s community in the years to come.

Sessums Law Group believes in supporting scholarship programs for this very reason, and for the fifth straight year, we are proud to be standing behind the Branham Scholarship again in 2017. This program is celebrating its 11th year at the Law Day luncheon on May 4th in Sebring, Florida, and we are looking forward to celebrating with this year’s recipient and hearing Federal District Judge Mary Scriven as the keynote speaker for the day. We hope the recipient of the scholarship will go far, and will impact not only our own small area here in Central Florida, but will make a difference in the world at large. Whether in the courtroom, or the classroom, remember that at Sessums Law Group, WE STAND FOR YOU!

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