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Re-Opening Florida: Things to Watch Out for in The Coming Weeks


Re-Opening Florida: Things to Watch Out for in The Coming Weeks

Florida has begun Phase 1 of reopening our state, and all of us are excited to see businesses turning on their “Open” signs once again, and welcoming customers, clients, or diners in with open arms. The weeks of lockdown have been difficult on everyone, and while life is slowly but steadily returning to a “new normal” there are some new risks to keep in mind as you venture out and start up your daily routine once more.

Keep these things in mind when you get behind the wheel in the days and weeks ahead: 

  • Traffic will likely be heavier than you’ve gotten used to. If you’ve been working from home likely many employees were required to do during the pandemic, it’s easy to forget how much time and energy your morning commute can take. Remember to allow for this, as many employees will be hitting the local highways around the Tampa Bay Area and heading back into the office. Get up early, leave with some time to spare just in case, and drive with caution on major highways as traffic will be heaviest in these places.
  • Be on high alert for pedestrians in neighborhoods and when driving near popular walking areas (like parks or downtown areas). Parents might be going back to work, but kids are still home, and they’ve gotten used to quiet streets with few, if any, cars during the day. As traffic picks back up even on the local level, watch for little ones who have gotten used to riding their bikes on neighborhood streets, or families who have gotten used to long walks together during their days at home.
  • People will be participating in shopping and dining more and more over the next few months, and because of this, popular districts throughout the area will probably have higher amounts of traffic for you to deal with. This can be particularly difficult if you were an essential employee who has gotten used to little or no traffic during your commute home each evening. Plan for this, and minimize stress (and making costly driving mistakes because of it) by making things easier on yourself at night, whether that be having a dinner plan in place beforehand so you aren’t crunched for time, or making sure your kids have taken care of household chores before you come home.

Sessums Law Group is here with you during this time, navigating the reopening of our city just like you are. We know it’s an unusual time, and want our clients to know that we are working hard to normalize the legal process for them as much as possible so they have one less thing to worry about. Even during unexpected events, WE STAND FOR YOU! Call if you have questions about your case, or if you want to schedule a consultation about a legal matter and getting representation from one of our qualified attorneys.

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