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Allergies and Driving: Is There A Link Between Pollen and Driver Performance in Florida?


We all know that throwing back a few drinks and getting behind the wheel is never ok. We’re sure you’ve never given much thought to dusting the yellow cloud of springtime pollen off of your car and hitting the road though, right? Obviously, allergy season is a big deal for those who suffer with seasonal reactions to pollens and airborne irritants, but how badly do those allergies affect their driving? According to some studies, more than you think! For the sake of providing information to keep Tampa’s roads safe, we thought this information was worth sharing with our readers, and hope it will help you stay aware of your own condition when you climb behind the wheel.

In order to best understand how allergies affect your driving, you first have to understand how allergies affect YOU. Essentially, each individual has a unique set of irritants that can lead to allergy symptoms. For some, these irritants are few and far between, and could lead to nothing more than a sneeze or two. For others though, allergies can be almost debilitating, with headaches, itchy, swollen eyes, and scratchy throat are just a few of the symptoms experienced on a daily basis. We understand that these issues are uncomfortable, but what you don’t see below the surface is the more severe reaction going on in your body with the release of histamine and other chemicals triggered by the irritants entering your body. These chemicals can, much like drugs or alcohol, leave you feeling sluggish and “foggy.”

Of course, it’s easy to see, once you know how allergies work, why having allergies could (and does) affect driving abilities. Not being able to see clearly, think clearly, or react quickly can potentially put you in a dangerous situation if you are behind the wheel. What’s worse, you aren’t putting just yourself in danger, but all other drivers around you as well. So, what can you do?

Well, identifying your various allergens, and treating with appropriating medications is the first step to relief, and better life all the way around, including on the roads. Your doctor can let you know which medications are safe for daytime use and won’t lead to drowsiness or impaired abilities while behind the wheel or at work. We know that allergy season in Florida is miserable, and we hope you can find relief quickly and easily this year. Know that by treating yourself, you’re also making our roads a safer place to be in some small way.

From the caring for the well being of Tampa drivers, to helping those involved in an accident navigate the waters of a court battle and getting compensation, WE STAND FOR YOU. Sessums Law Group is proud to serve our neighbors with the very best in legal services. Give us a call and see what we can do in your case.

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