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Spring Break 2018: Warnings on The Road


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Spring Break is almost here for schools on the west coast, and families throughout the Tampa Bay area are excitedly planning their travels and vacations. While some prefer more of a staycation, and choose to enjoy amenities and activities local to our area, others choose to hit the road and go off on adventures across the state, or past the FL border. Regardless of how far you go during your Spring Break fun, the potential dangers of the road remain the same. While you can’t prevent all accidents, you can be aware of these issues and do your best to avoid them and keep yourself, and your family, safe. So, when set out, watch for…

Drunk driving. Spring Break isn’t just a popular time for families of school-aged children. Many colleges release students for Spring Break as well, and Florida is a popular destination for many of them. Additionally, many adults take vacation during the week of spring break since their children are already out of school. Because of these factors, drunk driving is also a common occurrence during the weeks around Spring Break as adults enjoy themselves a little too much and then try to climb behind the wheel. Sadly, innocent victims are often left with the consequences, so do you a favor and watch for drivers going abnormally slow, swerving/weaving on the road, or excessively braking. If you see a vehicle and suspect the driver could be inebriated, call your local authorities and report it. You could save a life.

Speeding. Young drivers, families eager to make their reservations, or tourists unfamiliar with local roads/traffic limits are all possible reasons for speeding during Spring Break. Be especially careful when approaching stop signs, stoplights, or major intersections since these are common places for speeding-related collisions to occur. Also use your mirrors continually while driving, to avoid being rear-ended or hit from the side from a speeding driver who isn’t paying attention. Defensive driving could be the difference between keeping your family safe and having a tragic ending to your spring break travels.

Theft. Sadly, theft is another common occurrence when on the road for Spring Break. When you stop on your trip, or when you are out enjoying various activities, never leave your vehicle unlocked, and keep all money, purses, etc. on your person and not left visible in your car. If you must leave something in the vehicle, lock it in the trunk out of sight to avoid being robbed in the middle of your vacation fun.

We hope everyone enjoys a fun, and safe, Spring Break this year. If you find yourself facing an unexpected accident or collision, Sessums Law Group is waiting for you when you return home. We represent clients in and around the greater Tampa area, and WE STAND FOR YOU when you are injured or left affected by an irresponsible or neglectful driver. Call us about your case or contact us online and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

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