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Taking Care of YOU During Your Divorce: Healthy Eating During June


3Ttew 9P 2HsrIt’s no secret that going through a divorce is stressful, regardless of how amiable each party may be. When you add in children, issues such as custody, visitation schedules, parental involvement, etc. start to work their way into the mix, and you’re left with a schedule that makes even the most organized person’s head spin. You’re likely adjusting to life as a single parent (during the days/weeks that your children are with you), which means you have taken on the work of TWO people when caring for your kids. That can leave very little time for you to think about yourself, or taking care of your body, at a time when you really need all of the physical support you can get. This month is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month, and we have been doing lots of thinking about dietary choices, and how they positively (or negatively) affect your health, your energy, your focus, and more.

We have a few ideas for working the benefits of a diet rich with fresh produce into your weekly diet, without sacrificing time you don’t have to spare.

  • Plan ahead. By looking ahead and having a plan for your meals each week, you’re more likely to incorporate healthy options. There are a variety of ways to work healthy eating into your weekly routine by utilizing a meal plan. Try prepping hearty salads for the week, and then you simply throw the jar into your lunch bag along with the dressing, grab a bottled water, and you’re set to go tackle the car line at school and head on to work! You could also plan out and prep healthy dinners for the week, and cook enough for leftovers for your lunch the next day. By having your lunch packed and ready to go the night prior, you’ll save time in the mornings without sacrificing your health.
  • Make sure your meals (and snacks) pack a punch. Need a breakfast on the go? Instead of reaching for a bagel or a granola bar, why not plan for 10 extra minutes of prep and whip up a smoothie for yourself and for your kids? Smoothies are a wonderful way to get in several servings of fresh fruits (and veggies if you add spinach, carrots, or other mildly flavored options in!) without having to take time to sit down and eat a large breakfast. You can throw smoothie ingredients in the blender, transfer it to a transportable cup with a straw, and you have a healthy breakfast to sustain you throughout your morning commute to work, the drive to school, running errands, etc. Keep the same thing in mind for lunches and snacks throughout the day. Reach for fresh options like carrot sticks instead of potato chips alongside your sandwich, or an apple instead of a cookie when the afternoon slump rolls around.
  • Shop local! Yes, we know fresh produce, especially if it’s organic, can be a bit pricey in the grocery store when compared to convenience options. That’s why we encourage you to shop local. Tampa Bay residents have a variety of options, including the Tampa Bay Farmer’s Market where everything from freshly grown citrus to locally sourced honey can be purchased for competitive prices. You know you are getting fresh, top-quality fruits and vegetables, and you’re supporting a fellow Florida neighbor. It’s a win-win. Plus, by buying fruits and veggies that are in season, you know they’ll taste better, and likely have a higher nutrient content.

Taking time to invest in your health is the best way to kick off this summer, and to make the most of your new life after divorce. We know that navigating life following a broken marriage isn’t what you expected, but you don’t have to do it alone. Sessums Law Group makes it our goal to get the best results for each individual client, and make sure they are left in the best possible situation following their divorce. We don’t just stand behind you…WE STAND FOR YOU. Residents through the Tampa Bay area trust us to get the results they need, and we are ready and waiting to help you.

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