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So You Need to Hire A Lawyer: Now What?


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At some point in your life, it is more than likely you will need an attorney to represent you or someone you love, thanks to unforeseen life circumstances like a medical mistake, vehicle accident, business issue, etc. According to The National Law Review, 87% of people that contact an attorney go on to hire an attorney. Hiring a lawyer can be a daunting task since there usually are many different legal practices in any given city, and each lawyer’s office can have their own specialty. However, there are several ways you can narrow down who might best serve you or your family, by prioritizing your needs and categorizing the questions you ask before you make an appointment for your initial consultation.

First, you need to focus on a lawyer (or firm’s) background, including previous experience with your type of case. In addition to asking for any examples of positive outcomes in cases similar to your own, you can also determine if there are any conflicts in interest, and if the attorney in question practices in the courthouse where your case will be handled. This is important because the lawyer will/will not be familiar with the judges and other attorneys who will likely be involved in the case, and that can affect your own outcome.

You should also have some questions prepared regarding a lawyer’s opinions of your own individual case. You can ask about hypothetical outcomes in your situation based on the information you give, what type of strategies will be used (or if you can avoid trial altogether and opt for mediation or negotiations outside of the courtroom), and what the expected expenses might be when everything is settled. Having these answers in hand can help you make a well-informed decision when it’s time to make the final call on which lawyer you’ll hire.

Finally, if a lawyer passes the first two “rounds” of questions, you can make some detailed inquiries to serve as qualifiers in your final choice. Asking about potential length of time the case will take, how any given lawyer will be in contact with you (do they prefer email, phone, in-person conversations, etc.), and what position you will play in your own case throughout the process are all important when making your decision. This will help you feel better prepared when heading into the process of getting your case settled.

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