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Driving Tips for a Safe Halloween


Halloween is almost here, and that means an evening full of parties, costumes, and trick-or-treating with friends and neighbors. Unfortunately though, this night also comes with a higher-than-usual risk of automobile accidents since there is increased foot traffic and most of the fun happens after dark. For you as a driver, there are some extra measures you should take to keep yourself and those around you safe this Halloween.

Here are our top 3 tips for having a safe Halloween when you’re behind the wheel:

  1. Keep your headlights on at all times, and make sure they are clean and clear to allow for maximum visibility. This not only gives you a better view of any children darting into your path (and therefore, allowing you to stop in time) but it also alerts pedestrians that you are coming, so they have time to move out of the way. Additionally, if you are stopping to drop off your children for trick-or-treating, pull over to a safe spot and put on your hazard lights to make other drivers aware of your presence. This avoids any accidental fender-benders from a driver not seeing your car parked on the side of a dark road.
  2. Be hyper-vigilant when driving on Halloween night. Scan the upcoming road more frequently than you normally would, paying close attention to areas where a child could dart out unexpectedly (like from behind a car parked on the side of the road). DO NOT use cell phones or any other devices while driving. Avoiding all distractions should be a key part of your driving on a daily basis, but is especially important on Halloween when kids are out in abundance and are much more likely to be hit by motorists.
  3. Go below the posted speed limit, especially in neighborhoods or areas with a high residential population. Even if you are going the speed limit, it can be hard to stop if a little one runs out in front of you without any warning. By going belowthe speed limit, you are more likely to be able to stop in time and avoid a collision, whether with a small child or their parent/guardian running after them.

We hope you’ll keep these tips in mind when you’re hitting the road on October 31st.  If you are in the greater Lakeland area, expect the Halloween festivities to be going on in full-force! From all of us at Sessums Law Group, we hope our Polk County friends and neighbors have a safe and uneventful Halloween, but remember when the unexpected does happen, WE STAND FOR YOU!

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