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When the Sun Goes Down, The Risk Goes Up: Staying Safe on The Road After Dark

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Summer is almost here, and the days are getting longer. While this is wonderful, we also know that summertime means people tend to stay out later (since kids are out of school) and road-trip driving for summer vacations can put you out on the roads at all times of the night.

While nighttime driving does have its benefits (think: no sun glare!), there are also increased risks with driving once the sun goes down. Obviously, there are some basic driving practices that should stay the same regardless of the time of day, such as staying alert, not driving while drowsy, etc., there are some specific pointers when you are going to be out past the sun’s bedtime.

Light It Up

Headlights are, of course, a vital part of driving at night. Frequently check all car lights to make sure your bulbs are all working well, and you don’t have any blown lights. Additionally, give them a scrub down if they start to get a little dingy, to make sure the light is coming through clearly and not filtered or dimmed by dirt or buildup. Finally, make sure your headlights are aligned correctly. If they are misaligned, they can lose effectiveness and actually work against you as the driver.

Aware of Other Drivers 

While YOU know what not to do on the road after dark, other drivers might not be so cautious. That means you need to be hyper-aware of other drivers on the roads. At night, people tend to be drowsier, and this can lead to sleeping behind the wheel. There are also more drunk drivers on the road after the sun goes down, so you need to be on the lookout for erratic driving, or those who are driving exceptionally slow and seem unsteady on the road. If you see suspicious driving patterns, don’t hesitate to call local law enforcement on them. It’s better for someone to get a ticket with short-term consequences than to end up injuring or killing himself or herself or someone else.

Eye Health = Key to Success

A key to being a competent driver is to keep your vision at its best. Eye health is important for a plethora of reasons, but especially when climbing behind the wheel of a car. This importance goes up several notches when you are driving after dark. If your vision has started to seem a little less-than-perfect when the light starts to dim, you need to head to your eye doctor ASAP. They can help you determine why your sight might be giving you problems after dark, and the specialist will come up with the best solution for your individual case.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you are heading out into the dark. If you have been involved in an accident, regardless of the time of day, give us a call. Sessums Law Group offers top-quality representation and personalized service to those affected by automobile accidents and resulting difficulties with insurance agencies. We serve the greater Lakeland area. When something unexpected happens, remember we stand for YOU!

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