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Danger at Home: Accidents Can Happen Without Ever Leaving the Driveway

child holding toy car

Recently, we were saddened to hear about a small child being tragically killed in nearby Auburndale, FL. The 7-month old little girl was in her own driveway, was buckled into her car seat, and yet, she still ended up being taken in a vehicle-related accident. Her mother placed her car seat carrier down on the ground behind her father’s truck to run inside quickly, and in a few moments time, her father had tried to move the truck for a family member and ran over his daughter in the process. Emergency responders were unable to save her and the parents are now left with horrific memories that no parent should have to endure.

Here at Sessums Law Group, we know that unexpected things happen all the time. It’s part of our slogan, and we truly do mean when we say we are here for YOU. We want to see our clients protected and taken care of in any circumstance, and want to make sure they are represented in the best way possible when they find themselves in a legal case. However, our preference is to see accidents prevented to begin with. So, how can you protect your little ones around vehicles both on and off the road?

  • Teach them how, and when, it’s safe to cross a street. These lessons should begin at the end of your very own driveway. By teaching your small child not to leave the driveway, and that roads mean to STOP until they have a grownup hand to hold, you will dramatically cut down on the risk that they will dart out in front of a car. For older kids, the “Stop. Look. Listen.” routine is a great way to keep them safe when crossing a road, whether it’s a calm neighborhood street or a busy parking lot.
  • Buckle Up. Having your child in an age-appropriate safety seat is the absolute best way to protect your kids when you hit the road. Risk of serious injury and death is substantially reduced when a child is fastened into a seat meant for their weight and height. Not sure what seat is right for your child? Talk to your pediatrician, or even ask at your local fire station. Many times, you can find places throughout your community that will not only advise you on the type of seat to purchase, but can help you find funding to cover the costs and show you how to install them properly once bought.
  • Always look twice. Whether it’s backing out of your driveway, or a parking spot, ALWAYS look several times and in all directions before moving your vehicle. Small children can easily be hidden behind your car and remain unseen until it’s too late. Many vehicles now include backup cameras for this very reason, and we encourage you to use them, but never rely on them alone. You still can’t go wrong looking with your own eyes multiple times before moving a car.  When dealing with your own children, make sure they are all buckled securely before you ever even climb behind the wheel, or make sure they are with another adult outside the vehicle if they will not be going with you. Have eyes on your children at all times, both inside and outside the vehicle.

We hope that you will take heed of the tips above and will never find yourself in the situation of the parents mentioned above. Our thoughts go out to the family of this small child. If you, or someone you love, has been injured in a vehicle related accident, or you believe you aren’t getting the compensation you deserve from injuries sustained in a collision, give us a call.

Remember, when the unexpected happens, Sessums Law Group stands for you!

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