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What Your Lawyer Wants You to Know about Prenup Agreements


What Your Lawyer Wants You to Know about Prenup Agreements

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with the holiday of love comes a wave of marriage proposals and wedding plans. While it’s easy to focus on the fun and festivity of preparing for the big day, few people think about planning for after that day. However, planning for multiple scenarios means you lessen stress for you and for your soon-to-be spouse. That’s where prenuptial agreements come in. As one of the Tampa Bay area’s top legal teams, Sessums Law Group wants you to understand that a prenup is not just for messy divorces. A few lesser-known scenarios that would be made easier with a prenup are…

  • Marriages where two families will be blended. In cases where a couple was previously married, there are often children carried over and the biological parent of those children will want their kids to receive benefits (like a lump sum, specific items, and/or assets) regardless of their relationship with the new spouse (stepparent). A prenuptial agreement lets the parent lay out their wishes ahead of time, so in the event that they pass away first, their own children and other listed beneficiaries will receive what they are entitled to.
  • A marriage where one spouse has a higher income or has more assets than the other. By laying out financial details you eliminate the stress that comes with batting over numbers if or when your marriage comes to an end. A prenup agreement lets you pre-determine points such as alimony payments, which assets go to which partner, etc.
  • A marriage where a business is involved. If you own your own business, you don’t want to put it on the line. Unfortunately, in the event of a divorce, business owners could face the threat of their soon-to-be ex gaining control and ownership of the business, OR being forced to work alongside their ex-partner for the duration of their business ownership since they’d have shared rights. A prenup lets you agree on terms related to the business ahead of time, meaning you never end up backed into a corner.

Sessums Law Group is skilled in helping couples draft and complete prenuptial agreements that will leave them in the best possible shape following a divorce. We know that you don’t walk into marriage expecting divorce, but if it happens, remember that We Stand for You!

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