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Checking All The Boxes: A Guide to Finding the Best Attorney for Your Case

finding a lawyer

Professionalism matters to consumers. Take, for example, someone moving to a new area in need of a family doctor. Do they just go to the nearest office down the street and hope for the best? Of course not! They trust their own health, and potentially the health of their family, to this medical professional. They take time to research local doctors, look for reviews, awards, or accolades, and ask around in their new neighborhood/office/social circles for recommendations. Then, and only then, do they make an informed decision about which local provider will provide the care they’re looking for. When it’s time to find an attorney for a legal matter, it’s no different.

Choosing a lawyer to handle your case requires research and it can be hard to know where to start, especially if your need for legal assistance is sudden, such as in the case of an accident and/or injury. That’s why we put together this simple guide to help you navigate the waters of finding a legal team that will meet your needs and get the results you need.

First, you need to determine which type of lawyer you need. This is relatively straightforward (with exceptions of course), but is worth stating, because not everyone understands that all lawyers are not created equal. Some attorneys handle only divorce cases, while others handle a variety of family-related cases, including custody issues, adoption, etc. Still others handle vehicle accidents alone, while others expand into personal injury, work injury, and so forth. Each law practice will have its own standards, so know what you need and narrow your search down to lawyers that offer services related to your personal circumstances.

Once you have a list of lawyers that will take your type of case, it’s time to get picky. A great place to start looking for information about a law practice is right on their own website. Here many attorneys will display certifications, awards, statistics about their accomplishments, memberships in specialized groups, and even information about their community involvement. All of these pieces come together to give you a picture of that particular attorney’s (or practice’s) reputation at both a local and national level, and can help you weed out those that don’t have much large-scale credibility. Attempt to use these criteria to narrow your list down to two or three lawyers, and then move forward to looking at personal reviews from clients just like you. Google, social media platforms, local publications, etc. can be great ways to get feedback from previous and/or current clients and will give you a more personalized understanding of why a lawyer may/may not be the best choice for your needs.

Finally, take time to interview your top two or three lawyers. Whether over the phone, or in person, having face-to-face time with an attorney will give you the best insight into how they interact with you and how comfortable you feel handing your case over to them. Clients in need of legal assistance are often feeling vulnerable, anxious, and sometimes overwhelmed, so the client/attorney relationship, and being comfortable with your chosen legal team, is important in helping overcome these feelings and getting optimal results.

As you can see, choosing a lawyer isn’t as simple as choosing a restaurant for a fun evening out. It involves time and effort, but it will be well-worth the reward in the end when you can move into your case with confidence knowing that you are in good hands. Residents in and around the Tampa Bay area know to call on Sessums Law Group when they are facing legal troubles. Mark A. Sessums is triple Board Certified and AV rated for his excellence and professionalism in FL, and has a team of attorneys that STAND FOR YOU when the unexpected comes your way. We pride ourselves on achieving the best possible outcome for each client that walks through our door, and we look forward to helping you. Call us if you have questions about your case, or to make an appointment.

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