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Don’t Let Your Guard Down: Safe Driving When School Is in Session


Don't Let Your Guard Down: Safe Driving When School Is in Session

School has been back in session for almost two weeks now here in the Tampa Bay area, and the reality of homework, bus schedules, and after-school activities is setting in with students and parents alike. For those of us who commute to work each day, the reality of getting stuck behind busses or waiting on students to cross the street is also very much apparent. While the newness is quickly wearing off and becoming a routine, there is never a time to let our guard down when it comes to safe driving in and around school zones or residential areas.

We decided there is no time like the present for a refresher course of safety tips for drivers when it comes to our school children, so keep these in mind when you climb behind the wheel this week, and all year long:

  • You always stop for a school bus! If a bus is in front of you, you stop, no matter how big of a hurry you are in. When the lights come on, and the stop sign comes out, you don’t move until they do. Passing a bus is never worth the risk, and if you took the life of someone’s child, your “urgent’ meeting wouldn’t be such a big deal anymore. When approaching a bus from the other direction, look for a median. If there is a median between the two directions of traffic flow, you are not required to stop (it’s still a good idea to slow down and be on high alert), but if the oncoming traffic is directly beside you (even on a multilane road) traffic in both directions must come to a complete stop until the bus is on the move again.
  • Drive at or below the speed limit in residential areas, and be on alert for pedestrians. During the school year, you often have students walking to and from the bus stops, or parents walking their younger students to the bus stop (or to the school itself), and this can be risky. Children don’t always use sound judgment and can easily dart off the sidewalk into traffic, can run in between parked cars on the side of the road, etc. By driving slowly, you are more easily able to stop suddenly if you are faced with a child running in front of your vehicle.
  • Plan ahead for school zones. If you know you have to pass through a school zone on your way to/from work, plan ahead for slow downs. During morning drop off and afternoon dismissal, school zones will have signal lights to alert drivers to much lower speed limits. Failing to follow these limits will not only come with heavy consequences (like fines and/or tickets) but is also a huge risk to students who are likely crossing the street, boarding busses, and so forth.

Sessums Law Group is proud to call Tampa our home, and we desire to see all students and drivers enjoy a safe and productive year. We know the unexpected can happen, and that’s why we are here. When you are facing circumstances you didn’t plan for, whether due to a vehicle accident, injury, or worse, WE STAND FOR YOU, and support you during your case. Our legal team gets results, and that’s why residents throughout Central Florida trust us to get the compensation they deserve. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment and find out how we can help you.

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