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Christmas Caution: Top 3 Accidents to Watch Out for This Holiday

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Christmas is less than a week away, and people throughout Tampa Bay are scrambling to finalize meal plans, put last minute touches on gifts, and wrap their minds around all of the things left to do before their holiday guests arrive and Santa comes rolling (or flying) into town. With all of the hustle and bustle, accidents can happen when you least expect them. No one wants to kick off Christmas with an injury, vehicle repair, or worse. 

Watch out for these three common setup for accidents as you prepare for your Christmas celebration this week: 

  1. Deliveries. Delivery vehicles are going to be out in full force this week, helping Santa cover his bases and making sure gifts are under the tree on time. USPS, FedEx, UPS, and even those outsourced to make deliveries in their personal vehicles (or golf carts as you’ll see in some neighborhoods) will be doing many stops, turn-arounds, back-ups, and any other maneuvers needed to hit each mailbox or doorstep as they move through the area. As a fellow driver, you be aware of this and watch carefully for backup lights, listen for beeps or sirens letting you know a truck is on the move, and be prepared to stop if you are behind one of these vehicles. Doing so will help you avoid an accident…and the naughty list.
  2. Semis. How do all of the goods that line the shelves of our favorite stores get there? Semi trucks are the obvious answer, and around Christmas, the highways will be full day and night as stores try to keep their shelves stocked fully and continually for last-minute holiday shoppers. During your daily commute, or as you hit the road for Christmas travel, be careful and drive defensively when there are large trucks on the road. Remember, more often than not they can not see you, so you allow for plenty of clearance for them to avoid a collision.
  3. Pedestrians. As you drive through neighborhoods or in residential areas, watch carefully for those on foot. From families out for a stroll enjoying the Christmas displays, to the occasional group of carolers, those on foot are at a great risk with days being shorter and it getting dark much earlier in the evening. Be sure to drive slowly on residential streets, be prepared to stop quickly, and have your headlights on as soon as dusk hits to make sure those on foot can see you coming. 

    We hope you can enjoy a week of fun and festivities as we prepare for holiday celebrations. Keep the above pointers in mind and avoid having the unexpected come your way this season. If you do find yourself or someone you love suffering thanks to the negligence of another driver, Sessums Law Group is here to support you, and help you through this difficult time. Our goal is to help you get the compensation you deserve, because when unexpected events happen, WE STAND FOR YOU!

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