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Safety First: Be Responsible This Halloween


Safety First: Be Responsible This Halloween

Halloween is less than one week away, and people are gearing up for a night of fun, fright, and plenty of candy! Trick-or-treaters will be out in droves throughout the Tampa Bay area, and pedestrians will be everywhere, from small, residential neighborhoods to major city streets. It’s important that parents prepare their children for the event by carrying a flashlight, providing glow-sticks or other reflective materials. Be vigilant that your little ghosts and ghouls remain on the sidewalks or with an adult because the responsibility to protect those who are out on the streets during Halloween rests in YOUR hands. If you are driving your little ones to and from the different homes, you are the one likely considered at-fault if an accident happens.

So how can you protect yourself, and those out for fun, on Halloween night this year?

First, do a double check on all lights on your car. Headlights, brake lights, backup lights, etc. are all vital to letting those around you know your actions as you drive, especially when you are out at night. Making sure your headlights are clear and in working order alerts pedestrians of your approach, and your signal lights let them know how to respond. Being sure that all parts of your vehicle are in working order before the big night is best for you and for any trick-or-treaters you may encounter.

Additionally, drive intentionally. That means, be alert, and pay attention to the road. If you are tired, distracted, or otherwise disengaged from your job of operating your car then you should not be behind the wheel. In other words, Halloween night isn’t the time to grab a burger, crank up music, and drive while talking on your phone and eating dinner. In fact, there is never a good time for distracted driving. Your awareness and active response to anything that comes your way could save a life, and on Halloween, or any night, that’s the ultimate goal.

Finally, and this goes along with the above tip, be alert and ready for anything that happens. Even if you are driving responsibly, a child running from a parent, a trick-or-treater that trips and falls into oncoming traffic, or even another car failing to pay attention can come out of nowhere, and you could be the one on the line if they are hit. Be prepared to stop on a dime, and drive well within any posted speed limits to protect yourself and those around you.

If the unexpected does happen this Halloween, you know whom to call. Sessums Law Group is here for you when accidents come your way. We know that you don’t expect your fun night to end with a collision, or worse, an injury, but if it does, WE STAND FOR YOU!

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