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Expect the Unexpected: Accidents Can Happen to You


Tampa Car accident attorneys

When it comes to accidents, they are, in their nature, unexpected. No one plans to have an accident, nor do they plan for the aftermath or events surrounding the accident. Sadly, when discussing vehicular accidents and collisions, the aftermath is often tragic and can have far-reaching effects. It’s easy to think, “that won’t happen to me” or look at these situations as a rare occurrence, but in actuality, these types of events happen every day right here in our own area.

Just this past week, the Tampa Bay area has seen two tragic deaths of locals. One, a pedestrian, was killed while walking on West Hillsborough Avenue, a major Tampa roadway. The other was a young lady killed when she lost control, collided with another car, and was sent careening into a fence, several poles, and finally a church building. Two lives lost senselessly, in just a split second, and neither of their families anticipated or planned for it.

These types of circumstances are, first of all, a good reminder to use the utmost level of caution when walking along roadways, or climbing behind the wheel of a car. As a pedestrian, never trust nearby drivers. Do your best to keep distance between yourself and passing vehicles, and if walking early in the morning or late at night, wear reflective clothing and/or carry a flashlight to let motorists see you and recognize your presence before it’s too late for them to react. The young lady mentioned above who was killed when she lost control of her car? It was a middle of the night accident (around 2 AM) and speed was “likely” a factor according to authorities. A single bad decision ended her life, and left three others injured and hospitalized. Now her father and her family, interviewed by police, are left to grieve her passing and the world has lost a future special education teacher that was just on the brink of beginning her career. If you feel tired, or have had a few drinks, make the choice not to climb behind the wheel. Say no to distracted driving, whether caused by friends or devices, and make a conscious effort to keep your focus on the road and on the wheel. Follow the rules, no matter the situation. Even a mistake as simple as speeding and going a few miles over the limit could have disastrous consequences.

Sadly, these stories are also a reminder to be prepared for the unexpected. Sessums Law Group is here to help you with that. We know you didn’t plan for an accident, and you might be struggling with the aftermath, whether it is the loss of a loved one or ending up injured yourself. We represent you with the goal to get the results and the compensation you deserve, because when the unexpected hits, WE STAND FOR YOU. We are proud to serve the greater Tampa Bay and Lakeland areas of Central Florida with the highest quality legal services available. Give us a call and let us help you with your case.

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