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Say No to A New Year Nightmare: Kick Off 2017 Safely

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New Year’s Eve is almost here, and typically, each new year is kicked off with celebrations worldwide. These parties often include champagne (along with other adult beverage choices) and while these festivities are fun, they also bring a sobering amount of risk when not handled properly.

New Year’s Eve (and New Year’s Day) are two of the highest points in accident statistics. Due to the excessive amounts of celebrating, there are a much higher number of drivers under the influence at this time, and more tragedies are just waiting to happen. Sadly, those who are injured or killed are often innocent, with the at-fault driver being left to deal with the consequences of their choice to drink and drive.

If you are hosting, or attending, a New Year’s Eve party this year, consider these ideas to keep yourself, your fellow party-goers, and everyone else on the roadways safer this year:

  • Limit the alcohol. Contrary to what some people believe, you don’t have to have excessive amounts of alcohol to kick off the New Year. Consider hosting with other fun drink ideas like a hot chocolate bar, or with a variety of different coffees and add-ins. Not feeling hot drinks? There are plenty of non-alcoholic cocktail ideas that will still be refreshing and tasty for your guests, without the risk. These drink ideas are great if children will be attending your party, or if you have anyone sensitive to drinking in your group. If you do choose to have alcohol, save the bottles of champagne or drink of choice for the actual ringing in of the New Year, and don’t encourage drinking throughout the entire night.
  • Close up early. If you do serve drinks at your party, stop the flow of alcohol an hour or two before the party ends. This will allow the “buzz” to wear off for those who only had a drink or two, and will allow those who are truly under the influence to be fairly obvious by the time the party is ending. In other words, if you have any doubts about someone’s sobriety, don’t let them hit the road. Offer a couch or a spare room to sleep off their drinks, or offer to drive them home!
  • Plan Ahead (Designated Drivers). Having a DD (designated driver) already prepped is a great way to ensure safety for your New Year’s party. There are multiple ways to go about this. You could choose to have a list of local cabs ready to go for those who choose to use one. If you want to be even more supportive of your guests’ safety, hire a driver for the evening to be on standby for those who might need it. You can use trendy choices (like Uber) or you can use professional driving services in your area. Finally, you could consider having a couple of friends or family members who don’t drink stand in as drivers for the night.

However you handle promoting safety at your New Year’s Eve party, we know that others here in Central Florida will not take heed and there will unfortunately be accidents that happen once again this year. Here in the Lakeland area, people know that when the unexpected happens, like a New Year’s collision, we are ready to help them navigate the waters of a case or trial, and will do our best to get the compensation they deserve. At Sessums Law Group, WE STAND FOR YOU!

When the unexpected happens, Sessums Law Group stands for you. Happy New Year and be safe in 2017!

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