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Liability Doesn’t Disappear: Why Families Deserve Compensation


Recently, Sessums Law Group felt honored to be trusted with the Paul Wooten Jr. case. Mr. Wooten was killed last year while he was stopped at an intersection on his motorcycle. He was hit from behind by a pickup truck that was being driven by John Stone of Mulberry, FL. Mr. Stone was intoxicated and supposedly “fell asleep” while driving. He says he knew he hit the motorcycle, but did not stop and continued home, where he later repaired the damage to his truck.

Sadly, Paul Wooten left behind two small children, who are left to grow up without their father, as well as a grieving family. While he may no longer be with us, that doesn’t mean the liability for this accident, in addition to the compensation deserved, goes away. Mr. Stone is still responsible for his actions, and the courts, as well as the family of Mr. Wooten, are holding him accountable. In this same way, those who served alcohol to Mr. Stone on the night of the incident, knowing he was intoxicated and inclined toward drinking heavily, are going to be held accountable. Corey Wooten, the brother of the victim, is pressing charges against two establishments that are thought to have provided alcohol to Mr. Stone during the time immediately preceding the collision. The Wooten family is depending on us at Sessums Law to retrieve the compensation their family deserves for the loss of their loved one. This compensation will help alleviate the medical expenses and burial costs accrued when Paul passed, in addition to aiding in the support of his two children.

We are proud to serve this family during this case, and as always, we want to use this platform we’ve been given to urge you, our readers, to NEVER drink and drive. If you, or someone you love, have been injured in a collision, you could be eligible for compensation as well. No one expects to be in an accident, but when the unexpected happens, WE STAND FOR YOU!

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