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We Work for YOU: Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer


When you are facing a legal situation and are in need of a lawyer, it can be easy to feel like you are the one being hired. The legal jargon, court dates and requirements, etc. can leave you feeling lost, and if you don’t have the right person representing you in court, you very well could be. Unfortunately, many people go into hiring a lawyer with little or no knowledge of what they actually need, and they end up hiring the wrong person or legal group to handle their case, whether they are a victim, or the one being prosecuted.

So, how do you prepare and protect yourself when heading into the legal representation market? You need to have a list of questions ready to go. Think of hiring a lawyer as an interview process. You need the right person, with the necessary qualifications, to handle a specific job (your case). Here are a few things to keep in mind when formulating your own list of specific questions for a potential lawyer or law group…

Ask About Your Lawyer 

No, you don’t need to know details about your lawyer such as whether he prefers a good round of golf or a weekend in the books, but you do need some basic information to help you make the best decision when hiring representation for yourself and your case. Knowing how long a lawyer has been in practice, his or her philosophy of law and representing a client, and how they handle things like client communication are all-important factors to consider when choosing the best lawyer for you. It can also be important to ask about their personal track record, such as how many cases they have won vs. lost. It might seem insulting or personal to ask this, but remember, they are working for YOU. You have the right to gather information.

Ask About Their Practices and Clients 

Knowing how your potential lawyer handles certain situations, or knowing the type of clientele they usually deal with, can go a long way in making you feel at peace with the decision of hiring them (or choosing not to). Some points to ask about include what types of cases they handle the most often, any specific training they have for these types of cases in addition to their law degree, and even the average income of the clients they typically represent. While that information might seem irrelevant, it can actually be very important. A good example? A lawyer who is used to handling high-income clients or corporations might not be the best choice of legal representation for a college student needing a lawyer for a traffic violation.

Ask About Your Specific Case

This is a big part of making a decision about which lawyer or law group is right for you. Ask potential legal representatives about your specific case, including how likely they think you are to win your case based on their previous experience, if they can see any alternatives for solving your case outside of court, and even ask about the estimated total cost for all taxes and fees including details on how those charges will be billed. This will give you a better idea of how an individual lawyer matches up with YOU and what you need.

If you are in the greater Lakeland area, and are looking for legal representation in your own case, call Sessums Law Group. We are the top choice in the Polk County region for clients just like you. We are ready to handle the cases that come our way with personalized and highly professional service. We know that you don’t expect to need legal representation, but when something unexpected does happen, we stand for YOU!

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