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Aftermath: The Weeks (and Months) After a Car Accident and What to Do

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We recently shared with you what you should do immediately following a car accident if and when you happen to be involved in one. However, an accident, regardless of how minor, can have ramifications for weeks and months after the actual collision.

So how should you handle the period of time following your crash?

Take Care Of You (and Your Loved Ones)

A car accident can cause injuries of varying severity. If you and/or someone in your home were injured in an accident, your first priority in the time following the event should be to take care of yourself and your loved ones. This means taking it easy and allowing any injuries to fully heal before pushing yourself completely back into your former routine and schedule. You also need to be mindful of any emotional or mental trauma caused by a vehicular crash. These types of injuries go unseen, and therefore untreated, but can be painful and lead to larger issues down the road if not dealt with. Consider talking to your doctor, or contacting a counselor, if you feel like you or one of your loved ones are suffering from these types of issues following a car accident.

Take Care of Your Car

If your car was totaled, or majorly damaged, in an automobile accident, a priority in the weeks following the crash will be to get your vehicle replaced, or repaired if possible. Even minor accidents can leave you with damage to your car that requires a lengthy stay at the mechanic. Make sure you are keeping tabs on the repairs being done, the time frame that a mechanic will need to hold onto your car, and then adjust as needed by making sure you have a rental vehicle or another means of transportation. Not having your vehicle can affect your job, your family, and even your health (getting to doctor’s appointments for accident related injuries for example) so it’s best to stay on top of getting your vehicle taken care of ASAP.

In addition to your car, make sure you are evaluating and replacing any necessary car accessories or additions, such as car seats. Experts recommend replacing any car seat that has been in an accident, regardless of severity. If your child depends on these seats, you need to make sure new ones are purchased, or make temporary arrangements to borrow from a friend until you can get replacements of your own.

Take Care of Business

Even minor accidents come with a trail of paperwork, phone calls, and insurance jargon. Make sure you are vigilant with routinely contacting your insurance company about claims that have been filed, and other information that you should be aware of. You also need to keep track of all paperwork related to the accident. If you are going to be dealing with legal ramifications due to the crash, make sure you are keeping in contact with your lawyer and staying involved in your own case.

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