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Super Bowl LV is coming to Tampa Bay! Tips for Staying Safe as You Celebrate


Super Bowl LV is coming to Tampa Bay! Tips for Staying Safe as You Celebrate

Tampa Bay is buzzing with excitement over the 2021 Super Bowl coming to our city. This Sunday, February 7th, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be taking on the Kansas City Chiefs in the biggest football game of the year.  We will be rooting for the Buccaneers to win the Lombardi trophy for Tampa Bay! While ticket sales are very expensive and  limited this year thanks to COVID, many people will be celebrating and enjoying the game on their own. Local bars and restaurants will broadcast the game live, and residents all over the country will be tuning in from their homes to watch Brady and our remarkable team.

This year might be a completely different type of Super Bowl than years past, but that doesn’t make it any less fun…or any less risky. Drinking and driving, pedestrian accidents, and injuries due to negligence or poor decisions will likely be higher in number than these incidents are on other day of the year. We also have the risk of COVID to consider as we head into celebrating the game as well. How can you protect yourself and others while you still enjoy cheering on your favorite team? We have some tips to make the evening enjoyable AND safe:

  • Drink responsibly. Of course, this means put down the keys if you pick up a drink, and never get behind the wheel when you’ve been drinking alcohol. This year though, it also means drink at a distance. Take responsibility for staying 6 ft. apart from those around you, especially when you choose to lower or remove your mask to eat and drink. Let’s all do our part to protect ourself and others. If you plan to enjoy drinking, whether in public or at the home of a friend or family member, arrange for a designated driver beforehand, or plan on staying the night!
  • Use caution when driving in neighborhoods. Since attendance for the actual game will be limited, many more people will be celebrating and watching from home, hosting watch parties with their own inner circle of friends and family. If you are in residential areas where these gatherings will be popular, drive carefully and watch for people crossing the street  and walking down road late at night. Also be mindful of vehicles parked on the curb, and avoid getting too close and causing a scrape-up!
  • Plan ahead for the after party. We all know that there will be crowds gathering following the game, no matter which team wins. Regardless of your own feelings on these gatherings, if you will be behind the wheel in any portion of downtown Tampa Bay or surrounding areas, you need to be prepared for this and plan accordingly. Crowds will likely gather in/along the streets, congregating most around bars and restaurants where the game was played. If this worries you, or if you feel it’s too risky to be driving in this environment, aim to be home in your own driveway before the game gets underway.
  • Don’t forget the necessities. If you will be out enjoying the game in a public setting, or in the home of a friend or neighbor, don’t forget two important items: your mask and your hand sanitizer. These simple precautions are the best way to avoid putting yourself or those you care about at risk as you carry on the tradition of enjoying the Super Bowl together.

Sessums Law Group is proud to represent the greater Tampa Bay area, and we look forward to an exciting game and are hopeful for a big win. If you find yourself facing an unexpected accident or injury following this weekend’s festivities, give us a call. We are here to help, and We Stand for You!

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