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Nighttime Pedestrian: How To Stay Safe When Walking in The Dark

Person walking down street at night

Polk County has had its fair share of vehicle-related deaths recently, but one struck the residents of Lakeland, FL harder than the others. On Monday, May 2nd, 17-year old Kalen Kirk was tragically killed when crossing the street to catch his bus for the morning trek to George Jenkins High School. Kirk was the son of a former Topeka police deputy chief, and loved by everyone who met him. Kalen was struck at 6:18 a.m., when the sun wasn’t yet up, and the driver of the car that hit him (a school crossing guard supervisor) said she didn’t even see him until it was too late. The accident that took his life was made even more devastating by the fact that it could have easily been prevented with some simple precautionary steps.

Many people, children and adults alike, are on foot around our local roadways each day. These pedestrians are often out when the sun is not yet up, or after the sun has set, and that poses a serious risk to their safety if not handled properly.

When you are going to be on foot near a roadway, especially if it’s in the dark, remember to…

  • Wear reflective clothing and/or accessories. Special bracelets, tapes, etc. are sold for this very purpose.
  • If riding a bike, place reflective tape/gear on it as well.
  • Carry a flashlight. Not only does this offer assistance to you by preventing falls, running into things, etc. but it also makes you more visible to drivers.
  • Walk as far away from the actual road and traffic as possible. Stay on sidewalks when you can, and if you must walk along the roadway, be aware of your surroundings (especially vehicles approaching from behind) at all times.
  • Stay hyper-attentive, especially when crossing streets. Drivers can’t always see you, so you need to be able to see them first!

We know that even with precaution, accidents happen unexpectedly. If you have been injured in a vehicular collision, or feel that you are not receiving adequate compensation in a legal case involving an accident, Sessums Law Group can help. We serve the greater Lakeland area and can help younavigate your legal case.

Remember, when the unexpected happens, Sessums Law Group stands for YOU!

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