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Gotta Catch ‘Em All: How Pokémon Go Is Affecting Our Roadways

Pokemon graphic

Pokémon Go, a recent game released for mobile devices, is a huge hit with people of all ages. Essentially, “catching” and collecting the various characters is the point of the game, but unlike traditional games, this app is a sort of “alternate reality” where the characters are found within your actual surroundings.

While this might seem harmless, accidents caused by the game are already on the rise. From a man driving into a tree (because he was playing and driving) to a young girl being hit by a car because she walked out into traffic while staring at the game on her phone.  Pokémon Go has users wavering between two worlds, and this can have deadly consequences.

Perhaps worse than these accidental cases, is the recent case of Lamar Hickson. The 26-year old stopped his car in the middle of traffic because he saw a Pikachu on the highway. The sudden stop caused a major accident, and while no one was injured (this time), officials are beginning to wonder just how far this game is going to go before people start getting seriously injured.

Of course, just like texting, driving and using your phone to play a game at the same time is an unwise choice to say the least. While we know many of our readers would never consider doing such, we can’t guarantee that drivers around you won’t. If you happen to find yourself in a collision with one of these drivers in the greater Lakeland area, you know who to call. Sessums Law Group serves the Central Florida region with personal and high-quality legal services, and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

When the unexpected happens (even if it’s a driver pulling out in front of you to get that Pokémon character), Sessums Law Group stands for you!

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