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Divorce Mediation & Legal Separation Services in Tampa & Sarasota

In addition to our divorce services, Sessums Law Group, P.A. offers quality separation advisement and divorce mediation. We are providing this information for your convenience. However, if you have any questions, it is best that you consult with one of our skilled attorneys.

Why Mediate?

Mediation is an effective way of settling family law disputes without the necessity of extensive litigation. Mediation allows the parties to work together with the assistance of a neutral third party to come to an amicable resolution of their dispute.

Many Florida courts require parties in family law cases to mediate all issues prior to a final hearing or trial. Some courts also require mediation of temporary relief issues prior to a temporary relief hearing.

Arriving at a mediated agreement allows parties to have control over the outcome of their case, rather than placing their family in the hands of the court. Courts have an immense amount of discretion of family law matters. While it is not typical for both parties in a family law matter to achieve their “best case scenario” in a mediated agreement, it is highly likely that an agreement will not result in either party’s “worst case scenario.”

Family law matters are highly emotional, and involve some the most personal and intimate details of one’s life. Mediation empowers the parties to have some control over the outcome of their case. Mediation can also be far less expensive than litigating a case through trial.

What Types of Cases Can Be Mediated?

Our mediation services consider the needs of our clients and both of our attorneys have experience in private mediation. We provide private, separate conference rooms or offices that incorporate calming elements to help create a collaborative environment utilizing technology when appropriate. Our goal is to provide the best opportunity to work out a favorable agreement for our clients.

Ms. Boulos and Ms. Jensen provide mediation service for the following types of issues:

Where Can I Mediate?

Ms. Boulos and Ms. Jensen will provide mediation services through-out the State of Florida. We are available for mediations when courts are closed or otherwise unavailable. Mediations can be scheduled at the following locations:

  • Sessums Law Group offices
  • Attorneys’ Offices
  • Court Reporters’ Offices

What are Your Mediation Rates?

Ms. Boulos’ and Ms. Jensen’s mediation fees are based on a sliding scale. We do not charge for travel time or preparation time and we offer competitive rates.

Rates are determined by the parties’ total combined gross annual income as evidenced by each party providing their respective most recent paystubs, federal tax return and W2s (if applicable), no later than seven days prior to scheduled mediation.*

*Failure to provide all necessary financial documentation will prevent application of any reduced rate and the standard rate will apply.

PER PARTY $75 per hour
TOTAL $150 per hour

PER PARTY $100 per hour
TOTAL $200 per hour

PER PARTY $125 per hour
TOTAL $250 per hour

Legal separation

As an alternative to divorce, separation can be another viable option. Although Florida does not offer provisions for legal separation, two potential options may be used as substitutes for legal separation:

  • During a marital separation, you can file a petition with a court requesting child support
  • In some instances, you can petition the court for temporary alimony, although it is awarded only rarely

Most frequently, the courts honor requests on issues concerning children in a separation, whether it is child support payments, custody or visitation rights, or sometimes spousal support. The courts are more likely to entertain those types of requests over alimony requests in a separation agreement. But courts can also decide to refuse all such requests and suggest that the couple file for divorce.

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