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Experienced Sarasota Attorneys Advise on Paternity Matters

Florida firm works to clarify paternal rights and obligations

When paternity is not settled, children and parents suffer. Once fatherhood is legally established, it triggers child support obligations and gives men the chance to seek appropriate custody and visitation terms. At Sessums Law Group, P.A.  in Sarasota, our experienced family law attorneys assist Florida clients with a complete array of paternity issues. Whether you and your partner agree on parenthood and just need to formalize legal rights or a dispute exists over who the father is, we can provide effective counsel.

Attorneys handle cases where fatherhood is acknowledged or disputed

Our Florida family law attorneys represent Florida clients in a full range of legal matters relating to legal paternity, such as:

  • Voluntary acknowledgements — You might not realize that when parents are not married, the father’s name is not automatically included on the birth certificate. When both parties agree on who the father is, establishing paternity is a relatively simple process that can occur at various times. At the hospital, the parties are able to sign a DH-511 Acknowledgement of Paternity form. A similar document can also be sent in later to the Office of Vital Statistics. If unmarried parents eventually wed, they can execute a notarized Affirmation of Common Child(ren) Born in Florida.
  • Mothers seeking establishment of paternity — Regardless of the state a relationship is in or whether one existed at all, fathers are legally bound to provide financial support for their sons and daughters. If you’re a mother looking to establish that a man is the father of your child, we’ll assert your rights and pursue an order confirming legal paternity. This process usually requires genetic testing.
  • Fathers petitioning for parental rights — When you’re being excluded from your child’s life, it can cause irreparable harm to both of you. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to help fathers secure custody and visitation rights.
  • Disestablishment of paternity — If a man is not the biological father of a child and seeks to terminate his parental rights and obligations, we can advise on the disestablishment of paternity process.

With each day that passes before legal paternity is set, damage occurs that can’t be undone. Our firm delivers effective counsel to reach a proper resolution.

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Sessums Law Group, P.A.  represents clients in Florida paternity matters and other family law proceedings. Please call 813-435-5058 or contact us online to make an appointment for a meeting at our Sarasota office. We also have locations in Tampa, Lakeland and Sebring.


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