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Accomplished auto accident attorneys in Sarasota handle injury litigation and insurance claims

Whether you’re driving on I-75, the Tamiami Trail or just outside your home, an auto accident can upend your life in many ways. Busy, distracted and impaired drivers create dangers that can’t be avoided even by the most careful motorist. Located in Sarasota, Sessums Law Group, P.A. represents Florida drivers, passengers and pedestrians who have been hurt in car crashes and other types of vehicle collisions. Our firm has obtained millions of dollars for auto accident victims in the Gulf Coast area. Firm founder Mark Sessums has the rare distinction of being certified in civil trial law by the Florida Board of Legal Specialization and certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. No matter what circumstances led to your vehicle crash injury, you can trust a Sarasota auto accident attorney from Sessums Law Group, P.A. to provide the highest levels of advocacy and service.

Skillful litigators represent victims in all types of vehicle collision cases

We are dedicated auto accident lawyers in Sarasota who give clients comprehensive legal support for every aspect of a vehicle crash action, including:

  • Insurance claims — Florida is a no-fault insurance state, which means that accident victims must pursue relief from their own carriers except when the injury is one defined as “serious” under state law. Our firm will explain your legal options and file a lawsuit if warranted. We can also outline how your policy’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) can cover medical costs and lost wages.
  • Truck collisions — Large trucks and other commercial vehicles can leave a passenger car defenseless if not operated carefully. If you’ve been in a collision with an 18-wheeler or some other type of rig, we’ll see if specific rules governing trucks were broken and will pursue justice against all of the parties responsible for the crash.
  • Motorcycle accidents — The natural beauty and warm weather in this area hold great appeal for motorcycle riders, but careless drivers of cars and trucks can cause permanent harm, even death, to relatively unprotected bikers. If you’ve been hurt while riding, we’ll work to hold the negligent parties to account.

If a third-party claim is possible in your case, we’ll conduct a thorough review to determine who caused the collision. Even if you are held to be partly at fault for the accident, you can still collect damages in a verdict. Florida uses a pure comparative negligence standard whereby a party’s recovery is reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to that party.

Contact a knowledgeable Sarasota car accident lawyer regarding your claim

Sessums Law Group, P.A. represents Florida clients who have been hurt in car crashes and other types of vehicle collisions. Please call 813-435-5058 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with a Sarasota auto accident lawyer at our office. We also have locations in Tampa, Lakeland and Sebring.


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