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Staying Safe This Holiday Season: Tips from Your Trusted Tampa Lawyer

With Christmas less than two weeks away, people all over the Tampa Bay area are out in droves attempting to complete their holiday shopping, enjoying the decorations put out by homes and businesses, and taking in the sights and sounds of the holidays done in our own unique Florida style. With all of the fun […]

How Your Christmas Tree Could Cost WAY More Than You Expect

As Christmas quickly approaches and everyone has the holidays on their minds, signs of upcoming festivities are popping up all over the Tampa Bay area. Christmas light displays adorn houses, shops are stocking all their Yuletide goodies and Christmas trees are beginning to fill each home throughout Hillsborough County. However, getting those trees home can be a […]

Thanksgiving with A Twist: New Ways to Celebrate in Tampa

Thanksgiving is finally here, and we are looking forward to a day filled with family, friends, and plenty of good food. While traditions are wonderful (after all, who doesn’t love turkey and pumpkin pie?) there is also something fun about trying new and unexpected things with your loved ones during the holiday season. Here in the Tampa […]

Thanksgiving Celebration As A Blended Family: Tips for A Peaceful Holiday

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly, and as you finalize your plans for the big day, excitement about delicious food, time with family and friends, and maybe even some afternoon football is building. For blended families though, the holiday season can actually bring about more stress and heartache than restful fun. Their Thanksgiving focuses more on […]

Safety First: Be Responsible This Halloween

Halloween is less than one week away, and people are gearing up for a night of fun, fright, and plenty of candy! Trick-or-treaters will be out in droves throughout the Tampa Bay area, and pedestrians will be everywhere, from small, residential neighborhoods to major city streets. It’s important that parents prepare their children for the event by […]

Sun Fiesta 2017: Enjoying Life in Sarasota!

Sarasota is rarely lacking in fun and interesting things to do, but the Sun Fiesta is the highlight of the year for many local residents. While the beaches, the shopping, and great food are all part of this Florida city (and a major part of their tourism), the locals look forward to the Sun Fiesta […]

Taking Care of Business: Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is all over the news, and this coming weekend she will be pressing down on the entire state of Florida. While our East coast neighbors could likely bear the brunt of the storm, we are all gearing up for the worst-case scenario, all the way out west to Sarasota and Tampa. As we prepare for […]

Showing Appreciation to Our Servicemen: How to Honor Our Veterans

Memorial Day is coming up, and with that comes all things red, white, and blue. While the parties, parades, and picnics are fun, it’s important to remember why we celebrate this holiday. One of the best ways to remind yourself, and those around you, about the importance of Memorial Day is by recognizing those who have served. […]


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