Are You A “Traffic Faux-Pas” Offender? Avoid A Bad Reputation on the Road

Are You A "Traffic Faux-Pas" Offender? Avoid A Bad Reputation on the Road

No one enjoys being around an individual who lacks tact, consideration of those around them, or basic manners. However, when it comes to the road, a surprising number of people actually commit a “traffic faux-pas” on a regular basis, and don’t even realize their mistake! What’s worse, some of these are actually against traffic laws and could get you in trouble if you’re caught, so knowing how to avoid them is important not just for your reputation on the road, but for your driving record as well.

What are a few we see often here in the Tampa Bay area?

  • Using parking lots as a cut-through to avoid traffic. Yes, we know it’s tempting. However, turning into a parking lot only to cut through and get past traffic while waiting at a light for a turn, or trying to bypass slow drivers, is rude, and a traffic violation. It’s also quite dangerous, as parking lots are full of pedestrians, and drivers going through at a high rate of speed in order to get past the “obstacle” they couldn’t wait through is a huge risk for those walking to and from businesses located nearby. Be polite and wait it out. It’s not worth a ticket, or worse.
  • Using your flashers as an excuse to drive too slowly when it rains. Bad weather just seems to bring out the worst in drivers, and this is no exception. It’s almost guaranteed that you will see a row of yellow, blinking lights slowly crawling down the highway when a heavy rainstorm comes along, and while it’s considered common practice, it’s NOT road etiquette. Flashers on your car are meant for emergency situations only, and rain is not an emergency. A better option is to simply pull over somewhere safe if you don’t feel confident driving in certain weather conditions. By driving slowly, even with flashers going, you pose a risk to other drivers who are traveling at the normal speed limit.
  • Driving in the left lane. The left lane is intended to be a passing lane when it comes to the rules of the road, specifically on a road that has multiple lanes and a large volume of motorists traveling at different speeds. By leaving the farthest left lane clear, you give an easy passage for those who travel at the speed limit, while those who wish to go slightly slower or need to prepare for an exit or upcoming stop can do so safely in the other lanes. Unfortunately, many drivers use the left lane to cruise, or worse, as a place to drive below the speed limit, putting themselves and other drivers at risk. Do everyone a favor and choose a different lane for driving, and safe the left lane for those who need to pass you by.

While there are many annoyances that come up when behind the wheel, we hope these give you a little bit of insight into what you might be doing wrong when you’re on the road, and will make you think twice. If you’ve been the victim of an accident due to someone else’s mistake or neglect, Sessums Law Group is here for you. Injuries or death related to vehicle accidents cause upheaval in the lives of individuals every day, and navigating the waters of the following legal ramifications can be difficult. We are here to make the journey easier. We STAND FOR YOU when the unexpected comes your way. Give us a call to discuss your case.


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